We no longer operate with BYOB.

Is there any covering at Fulham Beach Club?

Yes, we have a large 25m covered pergola over the long feasting tables as well as our stretch tent covering the games area and an indoor bar and dance area. 


Is there any other seating areas at Fulham Beach Club other than the prebooked huts and bed options?

We have 10 long feasting tables under our pergola, that each seat up to 18 people, these are available on a first come, first serve basis.  We also have a corner booth and sofas underneath the covered pergola, which seats up to 10 people. As well as deck chairs and beanbags available on the beach.


What payment options are offered at Fulham Beach?

We take card payments only. 

Are kids allowed?

Under 18’s are welcome on site at weekends from 12-5pm.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children during the week.


Can we get a refund or reschedule on our booking at Fulham Beach?

All sales are final and we cannot offer refunds or a change of date.


Is it correct that a general entry ticket will guarantee entry but not necessarily somewhere to sit?
Yes, that’s correct.


Dress Code


Are dogs allowed?
Encouraged as long as people clean up after them and they are kept on a lead

Do you offer special birthday packages?
Yes we do - please email


Do you have food at Fulham Beach?

 We have street food from Pizza To The People and Feast - menus can be found on our website.

What are the prices of hiring beer pong?
£10 for 30 minutes – we provide the beer pong tables and ping pong balls


Is there re-entry onto site?

There is no re-entry back into Fulham Beach Club if you decide to leave.


Beach Huts, Daybeds, Feasting Tables and Cabanas

We offer pre bookable areas in Fulham Beach.

Our beach huts are situated on the sandy beach and include entry for up to 10 guests. All beach huts are covered.

Our beach daybeds are situated on on the sandy beach and include entry for up to 15 guests. All beach daybeds are covered. 

Our feasting tables are situated under our covered pergola and seat up to 18 guests.

Our cabanas are situated on the beach and seat up to 4 people and aren't covered. 

Please note all sales are final on tickets and we do not offer refunds or reschedules on rainy days.

On booking you are welcome to book more than one sitting. Once your sitting has finished you are welcome to stay at Fulham Beach Club.

Additional guests are welcome to buy individual tickets and join your area whilst in Fulham Beach.

Guests for day beds and beach huts do not need to all arrive together but someone from the group needs to be present within an hour of your booking otherwise the table will be given away. Guests arriving separately can use the booking reference to gain entry.

Opening & Sitting Times

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday sittings are: 6pm – 11pm

Saturday: 12pm – 5pm, 5.30pm – 11pm

Sunday: 12pm–6.30pm

Please note. Pricing on reserved areas are dependent on the day and time of year.

For group bookings and corporate or private hire

please contact



Wandsworth Bridge Road

London SW6 2TY

Call Us:

02030 340 293

Winterland London


Press Enquiries

Last entry is at 11pm and the bar closes at 11.30pm

We allow dogs

Children are allowed on site until 6pm

We are not a BYOB site


Monday, Tuesday closed

   (available for private hire)

Wednesday 6-12am

Thursday 6-12am

Friday 5-12am

Saturday 12-12am

Sunday 12-6.30pm